Hey ChOcO PiESS,
         Thanks for stoping by. I am Swati Reddy/ Chinky. I am doing  my First year in MBBS.
I like writing which brought me here. I love doing all  creative and colorful stuffs. This is just a small attempt to share my views and interests on almost everything that fancies me...
         Painting is my passion. I love drawing with different brushes.I play tennis. I'm a kathak dancer.I love singing. Love love love doing Arts and Crafts during my leisure time.Hearing songs make me relaxed.Other than my aim, I have interests in genetics and  designing.
         I don't have much friends. FEW but TRUE.I have a wonderful mother who is my inspiration and my soul completely. Travelling in a tough path of my life. Learning what is life and what are people around me.Out of all my hard times I indulge myself in my fantasy world,which gives me comfort and courage and makes me feel like a PRINCESS.
        Fascinated towards dresses,chocolates,creations,teddies,barbies and all childish things.Extreme LOVE for Angry birds,Popeye and POWERPUFF GIRLS(wonder if I could recreate them if CHEMICAL X is found)!!!!!
        Hope you like my blog.. Stay cool and happy..GOD BLESS YOU ALL
                                                             :) :)

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