Wednesday, 28 August 2013


                       I actually started writing a product review, but then something stopped me drastically. My mind was diverted into few other things, din't know what happen all of a sudden, but then understood I was absolutely not in a mood to swatch something, edit something or even scribble something. In a terrific mood, jumping here and there, I turned on my computer. started googling   researching about the recent Gangrape case in Mumbai, that was a indigestable shock after a very long time. At first, when I heard or saw it in the television , I was not so attracted towards it. I mean I felt it has become too common. I told myself , " Oh , come on baby, nothing too new to get banged towards it", you have heard it already, cried for it enough". ( Yes, I cried for almost two hours at December 31, 2012 ;'( ). Though I din't want to know more about that, some inner voice made me think about it.